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Keeping on top of credit card debt can definitely be overwhelming at times. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel with the successful California debt management program we have created at Accredited Debt Relief. By seeking the help of a debt consolidation service such as Accredited Debt Relief you can receive some outside perspective on your situation and qualified assistance from a certified and experienced credit counselor.

Our California debt management plan does not involve you getting a loan. Instead, we take a holistic approach and work with you to closely examine all aspects of your credit situation. We gain a more complete picture of your total financial situation, and then recommend the best course of action to get your finances back on track.

Unlike other California debt management companies, Accredited Debt Relief™ and its debt relief partners specialize in helping you take control of your financial future with a NO ADVANCED FEE debt settlement program. We offer multiple debt relief programs with NO ADVANCED FEES and we guarantee you will not pay any fees for the services until our negotiators have successfully resolved a debt for you and you have approved it.

Your lenders may be willing to negotiate with us to successfully reduce your debts, meaning that you will have less to pay each month. Some creditors may even agree to reduce or waive fees for borrowers who are having a particularly difficult time making their payments in full and on time.

Of course, every person’s financial situation is different. As a result, if you are interested in our California debt management company you should contact us as soon as possible to learn more about the kind of help we can provide. We also provide our services to other states, including New York debt management and Texas debt management. Call us now at 866-345-5007 to talk about your debt.

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Ted has been very helpful and understanding whenever I call him. When I’m in a panic over something he always calms me down and reassures me. He did not make me feel embarrassed or shameful over my debt situation. He is truly a great person!
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you have done for me. Over the past week I have had several opportunities to interact with you as we worked through what was for me a very difficult and stressful decision. It might sound simple, but in my experience it is exceptional: You, Andrew, focus on solving problems. You were able to quickly grasp the issue and proceeded to reach a resolution efficiently, while allowing me to maintain my dignity. I have found you to be professional, knowledgeable, upbeat, gracious, patient, and absolutely committed to achieving the desired result and satisfying me, the customer.
Elizabeth C.
I initially contacted Brad at Accredited Debt Relief in regard to a financial hardship I sustained as a result of losing my home in the 2007 CA. Wildfires. I found Brad to be a knowledgeable and experienced credit consular that was able to assist me with my financial problems. He was able to adapt his schedule to my needs and gave me the feeling that he cared about my situation and would do anything in his power to help.
Barry S.
I am really glad that I did make that call because if I hadn’t I would be worried so much about the bills and not being able to pay them, along with my health. You explained everything to me and after I talked things over with my husband I realized that this was my best option. I do appreciate your kindness and professionalism. You didn’t make me feel ashamed of needing help, you talked and listened and that made quite an impression!
Hey Andrew! Thanks again for all of your help! All of you have been very helpful & professional. I can’t say enough about how pleased I have been with your services. Thanks again!! Israel
Every time I have called Tony if he didn’t pick up the phone immediately, he without fail returned all my calls promptly. I feel as if Tony and I have become friends and I couldn’t be any more pleased with the service he has provided me. If the rest of the service I receive from ADR is as helpful and professional as that provided by Tony then I am going to be one grateful and happy camper. I would like to thank everyone involved to this point with helping me through a tuff situation, especially Tony.