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Debt Relief Options | Credit Counseling

Is your credit card debt becoming unmanageable? Are you being pounded by fees and high interest rates? Have you tried unsuccessfully to get your interest rates lowered?

Accredited Debt Relief will evaluate your financial situation and match you with acredit counseling program for your needs. Our experienced partners provide credit counseling services to make your debts more manageable and get your debt paid down faster.

The credit counseling program allows you to:

  • Significantly reduce your interest rates
  • Help with collection / creditor calls
  • Get out of debt much faster
  • Remove excessive fees
  • Rescue your credit score

Credit counseling programs negotiate with your creditors to significantly reduce your interest rate and remove extra fees. They establish terms of repayment that you can afford so that you can get out of debt in a much shorter period of time, often five years or less.

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