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Sometimes referred to as debt reduction or negotiation, a Florida debt settlement program involves working to resolve paying off your debts for less than what you owe. Generally, a Florida debt settlement company will act as your advocate, sending out a Florida debt settlement letter to your creditors and working to resolve the debts and lower your principal balances so that you can achieve financial freedom.

Florida credit card debt settlement is ideal for those who are in financial hardship or are struggling with large debt burdens, but want an alternative to bankruptcy. Along with the potential of reducing total principal owed, Florida debt settlement companies such as Accredited Debt Relief provide one low monthly program payment. This monthly payment is used to accrue funds for the settlements, and is typically significantly less than what you would be paying for all your minimum payments combined.

The program we’ve developed at Accredited Debt Relief focuses on whatever unsecured debts you are carrying. This includes bills for credit cards, medical expenses or other kinds of loans without collateral. This program is not meant for collateral loans like with a home or car.

Unlike other forms of debt consolidation, debt settlement is based on the future resolution of your accounts, which means that results vary significantly. The average debt settlement program lasts about 2-4 years and the speed at which your program is finished depends entirely on how much money you apply to your program. You can only pay off debts when you have the money to pay them off, so it’s essential for you to build up your settlement account fund as fast as you can. Missing payments to your debt settlement program will hinder the negotiation process because we will have fewer funds to negotiate with. The more money you can add to your debt settlement account, the quicker your accounts can be settled.

We offer our services in most states, including Ohio debt consolidation and California debt settlement services.

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