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Just say no to high interest rates, credit card fees, and unmanageable minimum payments! If you’re looking for help with your overwhelming debt, you’ve come to the right place.

How does New York credit card debt settlement work? At Accredited Debt Relief our consultants assist our consumers who are overwhelmed with massive debt or who are considering bankruptcy with our comprehensive New York debt settlement program. Each of our experienced consultants is experienced in this aggressive, but often very successful, process of working with your creditors for debt consolidation or reduction. Creditors are often willing to accept less than the original balance or debt that you owe because they realize that some money received is better than no money received in the case that you choose to file for bankruptcy protection.

Our debt counselors have developed relationships with creditors which is used to your advantage. After your debt is settled with the help of Accredited Debt Relief, your creditors will typically send out a New York debt settlement letter saying that the obligation was paid and informs the big three credit bureaus about the fulfilled obligation.

Do I need to take out a loan? No. The program our New York debt settlement company has created does not involve you getting a loan. Of course you can always decide to obtain a debt consolidation loan to work alongside the Accredited Debt Relief debt settlement program and speed up the pay off process with a lump sum payment, however it’s not necessary.

Take your first step towards getting your debt under control by receiving a FREE DEBT MANAGEMENT CONSULTATION. We offer our services all over the country, including Texas debt settlement and Pennsylvania debt settlement services.

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I am really glad that I did make that call because if I hadn’t I would be worried so much about the bills and not being able to pay them, along with my health. You explained everything to me and after I talked things over with my husband I realized that this was my best option. I do appreciate your kindness and professionalism. You didn’t make me feel ashamed of needing help, you talked and listened and that made quite an impression!