Side Work and Freelancing: Advice From Side Hustlers

The idea of taking on a side job or freelancing isn’t anything new. “Side hustles” have gained increased popularity in recent years, and the current health crisis has put second jobs and gig work in high demand. 

Kelly Strain, Content Marketing Manager at GigSmart, explained how COVID-19 has impacted those looking for work on the company’s platform. “Our daily demand is up 25%, and the average hourly pay rate across all gigs has increased from $17 to $22,” she noted.

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10 Zero Waste Products That Will Work on A Budget

Zero waste products help the environment by eliminating single-use, non-recyclable waste in packaging.  Also, they are often produced in facilities that prioritize sustainability both in the manufacturing and distribution process. However, doing something the “right way” often comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, as the market has grown for eco-friendly options, prices have become more affordable. 

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12 Virtual Classroom Tips

12 Virtual Classroom Tips for Teachers, Students and Parents

For the foreseeable future, schools all across the United States have embraced distance learning to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As teachers, students and their parents work to navigate this unfamiliar terrain, ideas have emerged to help improve the virtual classroom experience. We asked people on the frontlines of the digital learning environment to give us their best virtual classroom tips. 

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Transfer Credit Card Balance to Partner

Transferring a Credit Card Balance to your Partner

There are several ways to transfer responsibility for a credit card balance from one person to another. While someone could certainly pay your credit card debt on your behalf with a bank account, transferring ownership of the debt itself is more complicated. In order to address the mechanics of transferring a credit card balance to your partner, we should first address some fundamentals of a traditional credit card balance transfer.

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