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Accredited Debt Relief callers receive free consultations from our team of Consolidation Specialists. How can you know that you’re talking to a trustworthy, knowledgeable source? We sat down with Director of Sales Training and former Talent Experience Instructor Shannon Gant to learn more about the training our new employees receive and what it’s like to work at Accredited Debt Relief.

Working at Accredited Debt Relief

How long have you worked at Accredited Debt Relief? What has your career here looked like?

I started back in July of 2019, and my sales role started in August of 2020. Initially I was a talent experience instructor, which is more commonly known as a corporate trainer. I transitioned into a more senior level position; I’m now responsible for overseeing and creating all things related to sales training. It has been nice to grow with the company through multiple positions.

My background has always been in learning and development. I previously trained teachers and did a lot of mentorship with student teachers, trying to make education and learning fun with professional development sessions. I decided that I really liked working with adults, and I thought, “let’s find the corporate level of this and see how I can make learning fun for adults as well.”

What does a typical day in the workplace look like for you?

Well, I haven’t found a typical day yet! It can range from creating content, reviewing different courses, and working with managers and other employees to figure out what they want from training and development… really, just seeing where help is needed and how I can assist. 

I like to meet with other departments as well to make sure we have transparency between each other, especially in the training field. The more people I get to talk to throughout the day, the better. 

What do you love about Accredited Debt Relief’s Houston office?

I’ve always loved the positivity that radiates from the floors when you walk through. Everyone genuinely likes being at work. Seeing each other, working with each other, helping our clients… it’s a really positive, contagious environment. 

Training at Accredited Debt Relief

Tell me more about your current job. What are you responsible for now?

In my current position, I oversee all things sales training. I developed a new curriculum for our initial new hire sales training, and I manage a small team of trainers to assist with leading orientation and other tasks. I’m also lucky enough to work with other leaders in our department to find areas of improvement and identify how we can continue to help our team grow and develop.

What’s the training experience like at Accredited Debt Relief? How do we prepare our employees to help clients?

We prepare our employees by making sure that they understand the psychology behind the emotions of a person who’s facing financial hardship. Once the employee can really understand the “why,” it’s a lot easier to confidently explain how our programs work and relay the benefits to potential clients over the phone.

What’s your favorite part about working with your team?

When I transitioned into the sales department, I was welcomed with open arms right away. Everyone was really supportive and made sure that I got what I needed to understand the sales process. The sales team also really values training. We work well together, and we all want to ensure we have the best possible experience with training and work in general. I recently added some trainers to the team, and it has been great watching them grow and explore a new area of the company.

How does Accredited Debt Relief train their newest employees?

We have a structured curriculum that includes a variety of activities to not only increase engagement, but also retention of content. It’s five days long, and it includes activities to understand the sale and interactive systems training.

How do you evaluate the training that Accredited Debt Relief’s employees receive?

We look at production results and how employees feel following training. We analyze the initial performance metrics of our new hires, and we work with those who are struggling so we can identify actionable areas for improvement. We also connect with new employees to see how they like training and how effective they feel it is. We always want feedback for improvement. 

The Accredited Debt Relief Team

What kinds of qualities do you look for in an Accredited Debt Relief team member?

We’re looking for people who genuinely care and who are able to find ways to relate to our clients. When I’ve listened to calls, I can tell that our agents truly care and want to help. Being empathetic and really caring about how much we can help others, I think, is a really big quality that makes all the difference. 

What makes Accredited Debt Relief’s employees stand out?

Our team tries to make a genuine connection with our clients. It’s nice to hear all the success stories and how attached the agents get after following up with our clients on the phone. It’s really impactful; they really do care. 

We’re not just going to pressure our clients into something that would put them in a worse situation — we of course want to help, but we need to ensure the program can be successful for them. We want our clients to have a good experience and we want to help them get out of debt. Our team hears from people who are at their lowest points — they’re looking for help, and this is that last resort. Our service can help create the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Client-Centered Care

How does our team empower clients?

The systems that we have in place allow us to make a customized debt resolution program for each client. We’re also closely aligned with our Client Success Department to ensure we’re providing a consistent experience.

There’s also a great interactive Client Dashboard for our clients to follow through their program. It provides them with expected milestones, frequently asked questions, success stories from former clients, and other items to help them take ownership of this new financial journey they’re on.

If a client is exploring their debt resolution options, what signs should they look for when consulting with different companies?

Every debt resolution company has different requirements, types of debt that can be enrolled, and fees associated with their program. I think they should check out each company’s credentials and see if they’re accredited through the Better Business Bureau. 

Each client needs to make the best decision for themselves. I can confidently say we not only offer great solutions, but we also have dedicated employees who really want to help get you on the path to financial freedom. 

What’s the best advice you would give to someone who’s considering a debt resolution program?

Research all of your options and make sure you genuinely want to make a change. Also, educate yourself on the debt resolution industry. A lot of people aren’t familiar with the process or the different options out there. That uncertainty can cause fear, so make sure that you’ve done enough investigating to make a well-rounded decision. Trust the program and the people at the company you choose to go with.

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