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Calls from your creditors may increase when you begin a debt resolution journey because they take notice when you change your payment habits. In most cases, it’s best to let unknown calls go to voicemail and block calls during debt resolution that may be related to your enrolled debt.

Creditor Calls May Increase During Debt Resolution

When a creditor or collection agency is trying to get a hold of you about a debt they may be surprisingly aggressive. They could contact you multiple times a day on your home or cell phone. Persistent, unwanted calls may be stressful and disruptive to your life. 

Creditors may increase the amount they call when you begin a debt consolidation journey because the program involves delaying payment until a resolution agreement is reached. 

Delaying Payment in an Important Part of Debt Resolution

When you begin a debt resolution journey, delaying payment to your creditors is an important first step. Instead of paying your creditors, you make monthly deposits to a Dedicated Account. 

The money you save in your Dedicated Account is used to pay your creditors when a resolution is reached. During the first few months of the program, your creditors may increase the frequency of their calls.

How to Block Creditor Calls During Debt Resolution

When you enroll your debt in a debt resolution program with Accredited Debt Relief, we will show you how to block unwanted creditor calls to us while we work on getting you a resolution agreement. 

Follow these steps to block all unknown callers:

  1. Go settings
  2. Select messages
  3. Turn On “filter unknown senders”

To block a recent caller:

  1. Go to recent calls
  2. Select the unwanted caller
  3. Click the “i”
  4. Select “block caller”

Blocking one number on your phone, may not stop all calls from the creditor. Creditors use auto-dialers and you may need to block several numbers. 

If you do answer a call from a creditor, you can let them know that you are pursuing debt resolution. This alerts the creditor of your intention to resolve your debt, and your plan to delay payment until an agreement is reached should be inferred. 

When we contact your creditors to begin debt negotiation, our team will ensure that they have all the information they need during every step of the process. Our team has years of experience dealing with creditors during the debt resolution process and will monitor the details so you can relax and focus on other things. 

Our Team Has Your Back

When you enroll in our debt resolution program, we want you to feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. We can help you simplify your monthly payments by replacing them with a monthly deposit amount that may relieve strain on your budget right away. When you let us take over responding to your creditor calls, that’s one less thing you have to worry about because we have you covered. 

Debt is stressful, but debt resolution doesn’t have to be! We’ve designed our program to give you transparency at every step in the process while also giving you the freedom to live your life without worrying that your debt is being taken care of. 

Contact a Consolidation Specialist to find out if debt resolution is right for you. 

Consider these other common concerns about debt resolution:

Delaying payment to creditors
Negative impact on credit score
Paying fees for a debt resolution

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