Accounting Tips for Freelancers

Accounting Tips for Freelancers in a Growing Gig Economy

Setting your hours and making money on your terms are some of the highlights of being a freelancer. But the benefits of being your own boss come with added pressures and responsibilities. Tracking expenses, managing invoices, measuring profitability, and preparing for tax season are just a few of the accounting concerns that freelancers need to master. Following these boilerplate accounting tips for freelancers can help you better manage your income in a rapidly growing gig economy. 

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File your taxes for free

File Your Taxes For Free: What You Need to Know

While most people assume it costs money to file your taxes, you don’t have to pay to file. You may find it easier if you do. There are several ways to file your taxes for free. However, taxes are complicated, and the more complex your return is, the harder it will be to find a free method that meets your needs. 

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Hiring a tax preparer

Hiring a Tax Preparer: 7 Tips You Need to Know

Hiring a tax preparer is a great way to make sure your taxes are accurate. Or is it? According to recent surveys by NerdWallet and Go Banking Rate, a third of Americans hire someone to do their taxes. However, more than two-thirds admit to not asking for the preparer’s credentials or if they will be represented in the event of an audit.

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Tax Prep Software

The Pros and Cons of Tax Prep Software

The IRS begins accepting tax returns the second week of February, which means it’s time to get started on your taxes! Every year more tax prep software options promise to help you save money and time. Does tax prep software make completing your taxes easier? Are paid versions worth it?

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8 Tips to Achieve Financial Freedom

There are plenty of books, radio programs, podcasts and TV shows that offer advice on how to achieve “financial freedom.” It sounds nice in theory, but it’s a difficult term to define. One person might imagine financial freedom as living a lavish, millionaire lifestyle, while another may consider not living paycheck-to-paycheck to be enough. If there isn’t a textbook definition for this term, why is it important, and how can you get there?

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Quiz: How Healthy Are Your Finances?

When it comes to personal finances, it can be hard to describe how you’re doing and what you need. It’s easy to say “I’m not making enough money” or “I’m doing fine financially,” but that doesn’t shed light on what’s really going on. Can the cause of your financial woes truly be boiled down to the size of your paycheck, or are other factors, like debt and spending, weighing you down? Does “doing fine” mean that you’re “just getting by” with your money, or are you on a clear path to meet your financial goals?

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