Store Credit Card Sign Up Discount

Should You Open a Store Credit Card Just to Get a Discount?

If you’ve ever been shopping at a major retailer, you’ve probably had a cashier offer to sign you up for a store credit card with the promise of saving you money on your purchase. These offers are hard to miss because most stores are trying to meet a quota of new credit card sign-ups, and cashiers are required to offer them to you. Some of the sign-up discounts can be pretty appealing, as can the regular rewards, but should you sign up for a store card just to get a discount? 

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Unemployment Benefits and Taxes

Unemployment Benefits Are Taxable: What You Need to Know

Between February and March of 2020, the number of Americans who filed for unemployment benefits rose from 6.5 percent to an unprecedented 14.7 percent. This is an all-time high for the nation, and although unemployment rates have started to come down, everyone who received benefits will have to take them into account when they file their taxes. That means that more than 60 million Americans will report unemployment insurance benefits as income on their 2020 tax return.

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