Money Back Guarantee

Gold Money Back Badge

Makes Your Program Worry Free

The debt resolution programs available through Accredited Debt Relief come with a Money Back Guarantee that gives you peace of mind. This Money Back Guarantee means you can cancel your debt resolution program at any time without penalty or further obligation to your debt resolution program provider.

This Money Bank Guarantee helps make the debt resolution programs offered by Accredited Debt Relief worry free. It’s your program--you need to approve each and every settlement that is negotiated on your behalf. If you decide to cancel your program for any reason, you are entitled to the return of any money you accumulated towards potential settlements less any fees earned by the debt resolution program provider*. However, these fees are not earned until a settlement is negotiated, you approve that settlement, and at least one settlement payment is made to the creditor. Thus, you can enroll with full peace of mind--it’s your program, and you have to approve the settlement work performed for you.

*Any depository account fees not applicable to the return.