Testimonials | Brad’s Enrollment Story+

Brad’s Accredited Debt Relief Experience:

  • Well-informed, caring employees
  • Clear explanation of the debt resolution program
  • Excellent communication

How I got Into Debt

A lot of my debt was incurred when my wife got sick. She actually passed away...I went through a lot: I lost my job during the middle of that, and I basically just had a lot of stuff pile up on me. And of course at that point in life the finances weren't the most important thing, you know?

So, I started doing my own research. Before I give my money to anyone, I always like to figure out what the company's about, what kind of reviews do they have, what are their pros and cons.

Why I Chose Accredited Debt Relief

And Accredited Debt Relief had such good reviews on both sides (from customers and from people that work there) I was like: well this is probably one of the best ways to go. I saw what the customer reviews for the company talked about the caring attitudes of the employees, which is important to me.

My Consultation with Accredited

When you're talking to someone that you can't see and when it seems like they don't care about your situation... that's not good for a consumer. And being that I don't even know what's going on with my debt, I need somebody that is going to do their due diligence in helping me to accomplish what I'm trying to.

The gentleman [from Accredited] I spoke to was a very cheerful guy. He really took the time to listen to [me explain all the debts] I had. Something stood out to me: he was looking at dates, then he was looking at [factors like] when did this debt hit? When did this debt occur? That let me know that they were well trained. I was like: Okay, this is a really good company that has very informed agents working for them.

Working With Accredited

I've always been in sales and marketing, and communication is vital to making sure both parties understand what's going on. Like I said, the first guy that I spoke with, he was just outstanding. A credit to them really, every single person that called me back knew the situation. They knew what was going on and I didn't have to repeat myself. To me that's wasteful when you're trying to handle something, you know? I never had to repeat myself which was just, that was excellent.

They were all great, because everybody cared. There would be times that I was taking my dog to the vet, or I might be taking him to get a bath, and I'd be like “hey, can you guys call me back in about ten minutes?” And ten minutes later, they were on the phone, ready to go. I like punctuality, especially when handling business.

+Editor’s Note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.