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Five Star Rating
The best call I have ever made

We will be credit card debt free in 42 months with a lower payment than we had been paying each month on the combined card payments, no more thousands wasted on high interest. That was the BEST CALL I have ever made.

Five Star Rating
Quick and painless

Instead of paying the monthly minimum on numerous credit cards for the next 20 yrs. I have the peace of mind knowing all my debt will be paid in full in 48 months.

Five Star Rating
Accredited Debt Relief is the Bomb!

Our Accredited Debt Relief Representative, was very understanding, helpful, and, non-judgemental. He explained how the, program works and made us feel very comfortable. We feel as though the weight of debt has been lifted off of our shoulders. We definitely are receiving the help we have desperately needed for a very long time.

Individual experiences may vary.

"We were able to rebuild our home..."

Learn how Accredited Debt Relief helped Dan reduce his credit card debt, allowing him to rebuild his home after a natural disaster.

"That first contact was where I gained my trust with Accredited Debt Relief."

Learn how Accredited Debt Relief helped Rosemary bring her $2,800 monthly personal loan payments down to $670, allowing her to worry less and put more money into her savings.

Providing Debt Relief Options and Savings Since 2011

With years of experience in the debt relief and financial services industries, we match our clients with personalized programs to reduce their unsecured debt. We strive to help others regain control of their finances by providing customized plans and guidance throughout their debt relief journey.

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Our goal is to help you resolve your debt as quickly as possible — and for less than you owe.

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Consultation won't impact credit score!

Talk to a Certified Debt Specialist Today