How It Works

Your guide to working with Accredited Debt Relief

Our goal is to help you resolve your debt as quickly as possible (and for less than you owe). Here's a quick overview of how the debt resolution programs we offer work.

Phase One: Get Started


Call Us for a Free Consultation

Before explaining how our program works, one of our Certified Debt Specialists takes time to get to know you and your financial situation. Then, you'll work together to customize your monthly deposit amounts based on your goals, the total amount of your enrolled debt, and budget.

Phase Two: Get Going


Make Your Monthly Deposits

You'll open a savings account in your name that'll be under your complete control. That account is where you'll send the monthly program deposits that'll go towards paying off your debts.


Stop Using Your Credit Cards

Now's the time for you to leave communications with your creditor(s) to the debt resolution negotiators. You'll also need to stop using the line of credit or loan your program is targeting.


Debt Resolution Negotiators Start Negotiating

Debt resolution negotiators work on securing settlements that help boost your savings, reduce your total payments, and resolve your debt as soon as possible. They'll decide which of your accounts to settle first using the funds in your savings account.

Phase Three: Get Relief


Debts Resolved!

When a creditor agrees to a settlement, you'll need to approve it. The money you've built up in your savings account will go towards paying them out. Once you've paid off your creditor in full, that debt will be "resolved".