How We Can Help

We help our clients consolidate their debts and lower their monthly payments.

How It Works

Your finances are unique — your debt relief options should be too. We provide our clients with customized solutions that help them overcome their debt quickly and efficiently while easing their financial anxiety.

Step 1: Receive Your Free Consultation
Request your quote online or call our team to receive your free debt consultation. Our Certified Debt Specialists will review your finances and show you your relief options.
Step 2: Our Team Will Match You With a Personalized Plan
Trust our Certified Debt Specialists to provide you with our best debt relief options to fit your needs. Once you choose the option that works for you, we’ll walk you through the enrollment process so you can stop stressing and start saving.
Step 3: Get Relief From Debt for Less
Our clients have been able to significantly lower their monthly payments and pay off their enrolled debts in as little as 12-48 months.

Debts We Can Help With

We have a long history working with major banks and lenders, which allows us to help our clients resolve most unsecured debts. Examples of unsecured debt include credit cards, medical bills, personal loans and store cards.

Credit Card Debt
Personal Loan Debt
Department Store Credit Debt
Medical Debt

Hear How We Help Our Clients Regain Control of Their Finances

Linda's attempt to help a struggling friend led to a massive amount of credit card debt. Accredited Debt Relief helped cut her $30,000 debt in half, giving her peace of mind and a brighter outlook on life.
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The Benefits of Working With Accredited Debt Relief

Reduce your monthly payments by 40% or more
Consolidate your debts into one monthly payment
Get out of debt in 12 to 48 months
Experience relief without the stress of bankruptcy
Significantly reduce your debt
Receive 1-on-1 help from our team of Certified Debt Specialists


Accredited Debt Relief has no upfront fees. As part of your free consultation, our Certified Debt Specialists may match you with customized programs that charge performance-based fees, meaning that fees would only be collected if new payment terms are reached with your creditors and you begin to make payments towards that new agreement. These fees vary, but generally range between 15% and 25% of your debt balances at the time of enrollment.

While individual results do vary, our average client only pays 55% of their enrolled balance. This number excludes performance-based fees.

We also understand the importance of reducing our client’s month-to-month payments. While others may struggle to make minimum payments on their own, more than 90% of surveyed clients who graduated from our debt relief program reported that their monthly deposits were affordable while participating in the program.

The length of our personalized programs can vary depending on your unique financial situation. While we’ve helped our clients overcome their debt in as little as 12 months, the average Accredited Debt Relief program lasts two to four years.