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What our clients are saying about us

Cheerful, Helpful Staff

[My Accredited Debt Relief Account Executive] was a very cheerful guy. He really took the time to listen to [me explain all the debts] I had...He went through exactly what they were going to do. He explained that they were going to work through [negotiating my debts], and it may take a while because what they were going to try to do was get..the payments as low as possible for me...

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Brad O.

Knowledgeable, Helpful Staff

I don’t have any ideas on how [Accredited Debt Relief could] improve, because I think everything and everyone I spoke to was perfect. [They] knew what they were talking about, [were] very helpful, and able to set you on the right path. I would definitely recommend anyone with this dilemma to give them a call...thank you for everything.

Maria D.

Representative Answered All My Questions

The representative was very professional, and explained the entire process. All my questions were answered. They called the following day to follow up, and asked if there were any other questions. The email documents were easy to fill out. It’s great to know the[re] are legitimate companies that are here to help, and don’t charge outrageous fees and set-up costs.

Chris P.

Patient Representative Was a Joy to Work With

I have never had [an] experience in this sort of process before. I was a little bit afraid, [but it] was fantastic. I’m hard of hearing, we [live] in a wooded area which gives us bad reception, and I don’t know much about technical things, but [our representative] Ana was very patient. She was a total joy to work with. I was very satisfied with the entire process...thank you so very much for offering individuals like me a better way out.

Lee W.
Washington D.C.

Compassionate, Punctual Representative

[My representative] is an outstanding professional, as he provided the services I needed to resolve my debt. He was punctual and accurate in his account of explaining the program. Further, [he] had compassion because I was on a fixed income, and he did an outstanding job relaying that information [to the people processing] my application.

Jack A.

Representative There Every Step of the Way

I thought the representative was very informative. I truly believed him when he said he [would] be there for me every step of the way. He was always communicating.

Alicia T.