Pay off debt when broke blog

7 Ways to Pay Off Debt When You Are Broke

Getting out of debt is hard for everyone, but when you’re broke, it can feel impossible. Living from paycheck to paycheck is stressful. Add high-interest debt to the mix, and you’ll find yourself in a vicious cycle. Trying to pay off debt when you are broke can lead to missed bill payments, overdraft fees, poor credit and limited opportunities. 

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The Cost of Living Around the World

The Cost of Living Around the World in 2021

Have you ever thought about moving to a different country? Or maybe you are wondering how far a US dollar will go on your next international vacation. Even if you are just a curious mental traveler, you’ll be fascinated to learn which countries ended up on the list of Top 20 most expensive countries to live in 2021. 

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Money Advice for Your 30s

Plenty of big changes happen between the ages of 30 and 39. With some life experience under their belts already and most “adulting” firsts out of the way, today’s 30-somethings typically look forward to big career moves, home ownership, settling down with a partner and raising children. 

This time period also marks the “halfway point” to retirement, which means that if you haven’t gotten serious about your finances yet, it’s time to buckle down. Here are 10 money goals to focus on before you hit the big 4-0.

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Medical Debt and Credit Card Blog

5 Ways To Keep Medical Debt off Your Credit Cards

Medical debt is almost always unexpected. Even if you have health insurance, it’s hard to predict how much treatments will cost and what your financial burden will be long-term. As a result, people with excessive medical debt have to make difficult decisions about paying for it. While it can be tempting to lean on credit, keeping medical debt off your credit cards is better for your long-term financial health. 

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Every Country’s Highest-Earning Podcast

A century after the world’s first commercial radio broadcast, podcasts are bigger than ever.

The media landscape is pure sci-fi compared to 1920. Video games, 3D cinema, and artificially intelligent household devices battle for our attention. But the humble radio show has evolved to keep up.

The podcast is simple and convenient: you listen when you want, where you want. It demands only your ears, a fraction of your attention. One report found that 65% of podcast fans listen on portable devices, and 90% of listeners do so at home – suggesting we love to listen while getting on with other stuff. The gym, car, and public transport are other popular venues.

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Personal Finance Bootcamp Blog

Are Personal Finance Courses Worth It?

If you are interested in learning about finance and how to manage your money, there has never been a better time to do so. Personal finance courses, bootcamps, seminars, and online resources are widely available for in-person and online learning. However, with a wide variety of free and paid options to choose from, you may wonder, are personal finance boot camps and courses are worth it?

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Unusual Employee Benefits Blog

8 Unusual Employee Benefits in 2021

Employee benefits like 401k matches, health insurance, paid time off, and annual bonuses are considered normal in corporate America. However, these boilerplate perks are no longer enough to attract and retain the best talent. Companies that want to stand out have to get creative. Unusual employee benefits are one way employers can beat out their competition to ensure that their workforce is happy and committed. 

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Behind the Scenes With a Training Expert

Accredited Debt Relief callers receive free consultations from our team of Certified Debt Specialists. How can you know that you’re talking to a trustworthy, knowledgeable source? We sat down with Director of Sales Training and former Talent Experience Instructor Shannon Gant to learn more about the training our new employees receive and what it’s like to work at Accredited Debt Relief.

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NC House Bill 76 Q&A

Debt Relief at Risk: A Q&A About NC House Bill 76

The recent COVID-19 pandemic and economic upheaval has left many Americans in dire financial straits and looking for relief. Unfortunately, a recent bill that threatens to remove a vital debt relief option from North Carolina residents is making its way through the North Carolina state legislature. If passed, House Bill 76 could limit the choices available to constituents who are desperate for financial assistance.

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Americans Spend On Lunch Blog

How Much Do Americans Spend on Lunch?

How many times did you eat out or order takeout for lunch last week? Two, three, or more? Chances are good you can recall how much you spent on lunch in the past week, but how about the past year? We looked at how much Americans spend on lunch and compared the cost and health benefits of different options. 

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