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Have you ever found yourself scrolling through endless financial advice articles, wondering where to begin when it comes to improving your financial health? Maybe you lose interest halfway through personal finance blogs because you are already short on time and attention. Documentaries are great alternatives to traditional financial resources because they educate and entertain. Kickstart your financial health with these 5 Personal Finance Documentaries available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and PBS.

Here are five personal finance documentaries on popular streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and PBS that could help you think about money differently, learn new things, and kickstart your financial health!

5 Personal Finance Documentaries

  1. “The Minimalists: Less Is Now”
  2. “Money, Explained”
  3. “Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind Our Best and Worst Financial Decisions”
  4. “Playing with Fire”
  5. “Get Smart with Money”

1. “The Minimalists: Less Is Now” (2021)

Streaming on Netflix

Review: As someone seeking a more intentional and mindful approach to personal finance, “The Minimalists: Less Is Now” struck a chord with me. This documentary follows the journey of Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, known as The Minimalists, as they explore the harmful effects of excessive consumerism and advocate for a simpler, more fulfilling life. With practical tips on decluttering, embracing minimalism, and reevaluating our relationship with material possessions, this film offers a fresh perspective on how our financial choices can contribute to our overall well-being.

This documentary could help you:

  • Reduce excess clutter
  • Curb unnecessary or emotional spending
  • Change your relationship with ‘stuff’ and consumerism

2. “Money, Explained” (2021)

Streaming on Netflix

Review: “Money, Explained” is an informative and accessible docu-series that delves into various aspects of personal finance. Each episode tackles a different topic, such as credit cards, student loans, and retirement savings, providing insights and expert advice. With its engaging storytelling and expert interviews, “Money, Explained” is a great starting point for anyone looking to enhance their financial literacy and make smarter money decisions.

This documentary could help you:

  • Improve your financial literacy on core personal finance topics
  • Be inspired to start new personal finance habits
  • Redefine your financial priorities

3. “Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind Our Best and Worst Financial Decisions” (2014)

Streaming Free on PBS

Review: “Thinking Money” takes a deep dive into the psychology behind our financial decision-making processes. This documentary explores the factors that influence our financial behaviors, such as cognitive biases and social pressures. Through real-life examples and expert insights, “Thinking Money” sheds light on why we make good and bad financial choices and provides strategies to improve our decision-making skills.

This documentary could help you:

  • Think about your relationship with money
  • Take an inventory of your best and worst financial decisions
  • Think of actionable ways to make better financial decisions

4. “Playing with Fire” (2019)

Rent on Amazon Prime and Apple TV

Review: “Playing with Fire” explores the Financial Independence and Retire Early movement (FIRE). The documentary follows Scott Rieckens and his family as they embark on a journey to reassess their relationship with money and pursue financial freedom. With insights from influential figures in the FIRE community, this film provides practical advice and inspiration for anyone seeking to achieve financial independence and retire early.

This documentary could help you:

  • Learn steps others have taken to retire early
  • Reassess your relationship with money

5. “Get Smart with Money” (2023)

Streaming on Netflix

Review: “Get Smart with Money” is a recent addition to the documentary genre on personal finance. This Netflix series covers a wide range of financial topics, including budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management. With practical tips and expert advice, “Get Smart with Money” empowers viewers to make informed financial decisions and achieve their financial goals. The series features relatable stories and real-life examples, making it accessible and engaging for viewers of all backgrounds.

This documentary could help you:

  • Learn about budgeting techniques
  • Discover new ways to save and invest
  • Set financial goals
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