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Top Dollar is dedicated to talking clearly and openly about debt, personal finance, and related topics. Whether you’re struggling with debt or looking for ways to stretch your dollar a bit further, we’re committed to providing you with money-related content that can help you come out on top.

Our Financial Insights Hub is a resource that benefits people at all stages in their financial journeys. We use our platform to share educational content about budgeting, saving, credit cards, personal loans, debt, financial planning, earning money, and more.

Our Story

The Top Dollar Financial Insights Hub is brought to you by Accredited Debt Relief. Since 2011, their mission has been simple: to provide resolution options and savings to individuals and families struggling with debt across the U.S.

Our Team

Accredited Debt Relief’s expert team members have years of experience with debt solutions, resolution options, and financial services. They have conducted over one million consultations and matched more than 140,000 people with a resolution solution. Their Consolidation Specialists have successfully helped clients get back on track with programs that lower monthly payments and lessen the burden of unsecured debts.

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The editorial team at Top Dollar is dedicated to creating original, accurate, high-quality content that is useful and approachable. 

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