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  • Behind the Scenes With a Quality Assurance Specialist

    Thousands of clients have already made the call to Accredited Debt Relief to receive their free consultation, but how can they know they’re getting top-quality service? We interviewed Quality Assurance Manager Colleen Knutson to learn more about Accredited Debt Relief’s quality assurance team, as well as how they ensure that clients are receiving consistent and […]

  • Behind the Scenes With a Training Expert

    Accredited Debt Relief callers receive free consultations from our team of Certified Debt Specialists. How can you know that you’re talking to a trustworthy, knowledgeable source? We sat down with Director of Sales Training and former Talent Experience Instructor Shannon Gant to learn more about the training our new employees receive and what it’s like […]

  • Debt Relief at Risk: A Q&A About NC House Bill 76

    The recent COVID-19 pandemic and economic upheaval has left many Americans in dire financial straits and looking for relief. Unfortunately, a recent bill that threatens to remove a vital debt relief option from North Carolina residents is making its way through the North Carolina state legislature. If passed, House Bill 76 could limit the choices […]

  • Behind the Scenes With a Certified Debt Specialist

    Accredited Debt Relief offers free consultations to those struggling with debt across the U.S., but what’s that first phone call experience really like? We interviewed Director of Sales and former Certified Debt Specialist Andrew Schwan about client phone calls, common questions and concerns, debt advice and his experiences at Accredited Debt Relief.