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Cheap Hobbies: 11 Fun and Interesting Pastimes That Won’t Break the Bank

Many of us are familiar with the Pandora’s box of beginning a new hobby. Your buddy invites you out for a round of golf so you borrow a set of clubs. But you really feel like you should have the right shoes for next time … so you buy some. And also some tees. And also some balls. And maybe your own set of clubs. Oh, and there’s that repeating cost to actually play.

Hobbies can get expensive! But while some pastimes can cost you an arm and a leg, there are a number of cheap hobbies that can keep you occupied and stimulated without completely breaking the bank. 

Consider taking up one of these 11 fulfilling but cheap hobbies that will keep you coming back for more.

1. Gardening

While some gardening costs can get pricey (think expensive pre-grown bushes, trees, and flowers), you can also start from scratch by purchasing affordable seeds and watching your veggies, flowers, or herbs bloom from the ground up! 

2. Drawing

Drawing can provide a way into a state of relaxing flow or even a cathartic way to express yourself. Of the cheap hobbies you might consider, this would be one of the most affordable because you really don’t need anything fancier than a pencil and a notebook to get started. If you’re interested in improving your skills, check out some free YouTube drawing classes!

3. Cooking

This hobby will likely save you money if you end up eating out or ordering takeout less. Shop smart at the grocery store, find some tasty looking recipes, and replicate your absolute favorite dishes at home. Cooking can really be tons of fun and the possibilities are endless!

4. Writing

Journaling as a cheap hobby

Writing can take any number of forms: journaling, composing short stories or poetry — even starting a blog about something you’re interested in. All of these things can give you an outlet for creativity or introspection, and a constructive, enjoyable way to spend your time.

5. Join a Sports Team

In search of cheap hobbies through which you can flex that athletic muscle? Do some research on different teams you could join in your community. Joining a team sport is a great way to get out, meet new people, and get some exercise! In some cases, you don’t have to commit to showing up for every game, but can just join pick-up games when you have the time.

6. Learn How to Code

Coding can be a really fun and interesting hobby for anyone who likes puzzles or building things. The best part? There are endless free resources online for coders at all levels! Check out EdX, Codecademy, or Coursera for some classes that look interesting to you. 

7. Volunteering

Who says you can’t enjoy a pastime that also does good for the world? Volunteer at an animal shelter, plant trees, or assist at a foodbank. Not only will you have discovered a fulfilling way to spend your time, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of making the world a better place

8. Whittling

While this sounds like quite the throwback hobby, you can find plenty of online tutorials and all you need is a found piece of wood and a knife. If you’re looking for a creative and soothing pastime, this is one of the cheap hobbies you might want to seriously consider.

9. DIY-ing

Do-it-yourself projects can be the perfect intersection of using your hands and using your brain. And luckily, the internet is rife with helpful guides on how to tackle any project you could think of. Not only could you find yourself with a fascinating new hobby, you could save yourself a heck of a lot of money on home projects or holiday gifts! 

10. Playing Cards

playing cards as cheap hobby

Looking for something you can do with friends or family? You can’t beat the price of a pack of cards and you’ll never run out of entertaining games to play! Check out these game ideas to get started.

11. Yoga or Meditation

Perhaps you’re in need of some more zen in your life. Try some online guided yoga or meditation sessions. You really can go quite deep with either of these two mindful disciplines, and you’ll likely see the positive effects echo out into the rest of your life.

Final Words

Some hobbies can really put a hole in your wallet. Pastimes like skydiving, building model train sets, and sailing can all set you back a pretty penny. But your hobby doesn’t have to! There are plenty of fun, cheap hobbies you can take up that will keep you right within your budget while still giving you that fulfillment you’re looking for.

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