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  • 5 Essential Tips for Planning a Vacation on a Budget

    How much does a vacation cost? According to NerdWallet, $3,594 on average (if you’re flying or booking a hotel). So it makes sense that 91% of the over 2,000 American adults surveyed are cutting costs to save on travel. Not overspending on vacation is important in any season. At Accredited Debt Relief, we’re experts at […]

  • The Ultimate List of Free Date Ideas for Couples

    In today’s world, money and financial stress can often become a heavy burden on relationships. In fact, it has been found that couples who accumulate debt over time are more likely to split up. Despite the challenges posed by financial constraints, it’s crucial to remember that spending quality time together doesn’t have to cost a […]

  • How to Calculate and Improve Your Net Worth

    Originally published: February 18, 2022 Your net worth shows you the big picture view of your finances and financial health. Add your assets and liabilities to our form to calculate your net worth and learn four ways to improve your result, including insight from financial planner Michael Ryan.

  • Worksheet: Estimate The Cost of Owning a Cat

    Before bringing a cat friend into your home, it’s essential to consider the financial responsibilities that come with cat ownership. From initial expenses to ongoing costs, understanding the average cost of owning a cat will help you make an informed decision and ensure your furry friend receives the care they deserve. Use the free worksheet […]