How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

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How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

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Paying Down Debt Fast is Possible

If you’ve fallen into serious debt, it’s important that you address it head-on and pay it off as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many who find themselves facing overwhelming debt have a difficult time moving past it. Paying off financial obligations requires self control, dedication and focus, but it is possible.

How to Pay Off Debt Quickly

Here are some quick tips that may help you regain control of your finances:

  • Stop Using Credit Cards: Responsible credit card use can help you build your credit score, allow you to cash in on reward programs and borrow money in an emergency. Unfortunately, the ease of swiping a card can result in spending more than you can afford to pay back. Try switching out the credit cards in your wallet for cash — eliminating the temptation to “borrow” money with your credit card and sticking with the cash you have in your pocket can help you spend less.
  • Pay More Than the Minimum: Avoid racking up unnecessary interest by paying more than your minimum monthly payments. Every extra payment helps!
  • Build a Budget and Make Smart Spending Cuts: Analyze your current income and total expenses and compare them to your financial goals. Are you putting money towards daily purchases or monthly subscription services that you could do without? Build a smart budget that focuses on paying for the essentials, chipping away at your debt and setting aside money for your emergency fund.
  • Put Your “Surprise Money” Towards Your Debt: It’s tempting to treat tax refunds, bonuses and monetary gifts as “fun money,” but the additional cash flow can help you rise out of debt faster if you put it towards your bills.
  • Get a Side Hustle: Second jobs and freelance gigs can provide you with the extra cash needed to pay down debt. Whether you land a traditional part-time job, drive for an on-demand service, walk dogs, work on a side project or sell items online, you can use the extra cash to pay off debt more quickly than you would on a 40-hour paycheck alone.
  • Try a New Strategy: The right game plan can make all the difference when it comes to paying down your debt. Contact Accredited Debt Relief today to receive a free consultation — our Consolidation Specialists can review your finances and match you with relief plans that fit your needs.

Some alternative strategies include:

Check your state to see if a consolidation option is available for you.

When debt prevents you from accessing your basic needs, it’s time to get help.

Marco's plans to build his credit through credit cards and personal loans backfired, leaving him with a huge amount of debt. Accredited Debt Relief helped reduce his monthly payments, allowing him to become debt-free and enjoy his life again.

You May Need Help Paying Off Debt If...

Your Payments are Too High

You're paying too much interest or are stuck making only minimum payments

Your Accounts are Maxed Out or in Collections

One or more of your credit cards are maxed out or your credit utilization is over 40%

You Have Missed Payments

You miss payments or you can’t afford both your monthly payments and basic needs

Your Money Stress is Affecting Your Health

Your debt is worsening your quality of life, physically or mentally

FAQs About Paying Off Debt

You can speed up debt repayment by making larger payments, making more frequent payments or reducing what you owe overall. A Consolidation Specialist can help guide you through the debt repayment process and match you with a plan that best fits your needs.

The trick to getting out of credit card debt is to pay more than your minimum monthly payments; otherwise, you’ll continue to rack up interest. Debt consolidation companies can also help you lower your monthly payments and your overall debt.

Maybe — a new loan can help you consolidate multiple debts into one. This could make it easier to pay off your debt, allowing you to focus on one monthly payment instead of juggling multiple bills. However, this method is only worth it if you’re able to secure more favorable terms. Depending on your credit history and financial situation, lenders may not be able to provide you with a new line of credit with an interest rate low enough to make a loan like this worthwhile.

Yes — the ultimate goal of a debt consolidation company is to help you pay off your debt for less than what you owe. Companies like this can also help speed up the repayment process, allowing you to pay everything off faster than if you were to continue to make minimum monthly payments.

Different Debt Relief Options Can Help

Paying off your financial obligations allows you to put your money towards the things you care about most. Once your credit cards and personal loans are paid in full, you can invest in your retirement, pay for preventative care and save up for a home upgrade or family vacation.

If you're struggling to regain control of your finances, a debt consolidation program may be able to help. Accredited Debt Relief's financial services could help you pay off your debts sooner while allowing you to keep more cash in your pocket every month.

Accredited Debt Relief: The Best Way to Pay Off Debt

Accredited Debt Relief has helped consumers across the country consolidate and lower their debts. With an A+ BBB rating, we offer customized financial solutions that can help you pay off your debt obligations quicker. Our experienced team can help lower your monthly payments and reduce what you owe overall. To learn more and receive a free, no obligation consultation, contact us today.

Proven Results From Real Clients

Carl F.

Enrolled Debt: $43,922

Paid Off For: $21,403

Savings: $22,879*

Enrolled: 2/10/2020

Graduated: 8/31/2021

Kelli M.

Enrolled Debt: $21,974

Paid Off For: $12,797

Savings: $9,176*

Enrolled: 3/22/2020

Graduated: 10/21/2021

Ashley S.

Enrolled Debt: $24,954

Paid Off For: $10,634

Savings: $14,320*

Enrolled: 1/1/2020

Graduated: 10/28/2021

* These examples do not include fees. This is a small sample of results our team has achieved for our clients. These results were obtained for clients who successfully met all of their terms and received offers. Results may vary, and there are no guarantees that all creditors will agree to new terms. These examples are not representative of results in all cases.

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