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  • The 60/20/20 Budgeting Rule and How It Works

    The 50/30/20 budgeting rule, made popular in the U.S. by Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi, has gained mainstream attention since its debut in 2005. However, it’s not the only percentage method for spending your earnings. On the other side of the globe, a similar formula has become incredibly popular: 60/20/20.

  • A Borrower’s Guide to Charge-Offs

    If you stop making payments on one of your debts altogether, what happens? In the beginning, the consequences are typically in the form of stern letters and late fees. However, when you fall severely behind, your creditors may eventually stop trying to collect and charge off your debt instead. What do charged-off debts mean for […]

  • 5 Tips for Going Back to School as an Adult

    Earning a college degree is hard work, but becoming a student again after being out of academia for a while can add a whole new level of difficulty to the process. Unfortunately, many guides on going to college are geared towards the “traditional” student: teenagers who have recently earned their high school diplomas. That leaves […]