Debt Settlement Explained

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  • Significantly lower your monthly payment
  • Reduce your debt to a fraction of what you owe
  • Be debt free in as little as 12 to 48 months

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Debt Settlement Explained

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How Does Debt Settlement Work?

Debt settlement is the process of reaching new terms and agreements with your creditors. The ultimate goal is to reduce your principal balance, fees and interest owed, allowing you to keep more money in your pocket.

When you work with a debt settlement organization, you’ll make regular deposits into a Dedicated Account. While your funds grow, debt negotiation specialists will work with creditors by negotiating debt settlement agreements on your behalf. You’ll then use the funds in your Dedicated Account to pay off the new agreement.

When To Consider Debt Settlement:

Your Payments are Too High

You're paying too much interest or are stuck making only minimum payments

Your Accounts are Maxed Out or in Collections

When credit card debt is out of control and your cards are maxed out or your credit utilization is over 40%

You Have Missed Payments

You miss payments or you can’t afford both your monthly payments and basic needs

Your Money Stress is Affecting Your Health

Your debt is worsening your quality of life, physically or mentally

When debt prevents you from accessing your basic needs, it’s time to get help.

After her husband's accident and periods of time without work, Amy found herself in a serious debt. Accredited Debt Relief helped her overcome more than $52,000 in credit card and medical debt.

Is a Debt Settlement Program Right for Me?

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by debt, but it’s important to remember that you have options. The best debt relief strategy for you depends on your unique financial situation.

One of the biggest benefits to working with a debt settlement company is having access to experts. Accredited Debt Relief’s Certified Debt Specialists can examine your finances and provide you with a debt relief program that fits your unique needs. Our plans include the following benefits:

  • Consolidate your debts with a single monthly payment
  • Resolve debt obligations as an alternative to bankruptcy
  • Reduce your total unsecured debt in as little as 12 to 48 months

Why Choose Accredited Debt Relief as Your Debt Settlement Company?

Accredited Debt Relief is a BBB accredited organization. We’ve matched individuals throughout the U.S. with customized settlement programs to help them resolve their debt for less than what they owe. Our experienced team has received numerous 5-star reviews from past clients, and we’re proud to be accredited by the American Fair Credit Council. We are committed to putting you first, which means that we’re dedicated to providing honest, expert advice and helping you throughout your journey towards financial freedom. Contact our team today to receive a free consultation.

Accredited Debt Relief: Settlement Pros and Cons

Accredited Debt Relief has helped resolve more than $500 million in debt for their clients, but individual results can vary. Not sure if you qualify? Contact our team for a free consultation.


Can Reduce What You Owe: Debt settlement clients typically see a reduction in both their overall debt and their monthly payments. The average amount of debt that Accredited Debt Relief clients pay on their resolved debts is 55% of their enrolled balance (excluding fees).

Consolidate Your Debts: Accredited Debt Relief’s programs allow clients to roll multiple debts into one single, reduced monthly payment.

Free Consultation and Savings Estimate: Consulting with a Certified Debt Specialist won’t affect your credit score. Additionally, consultations come with no obligation and no upfront fees.


Not All Debts Qualify: Secured debts, which are debts that have collateral attached to them, and federal student loans are not eligible for debt settlement.

Requires Monthly Payments: Consistent monthly deposits into a Dedicated Account are crucial to the success of your settlement program.

Best For Those With $7,500+ in Debt: If you have less than $7,500 in debt, you’ll likely benefit more from a different form of debt relief.

Debt Settlement FAQ

Debt settlement is typically best accomplished with the help of a debt settlement program. When you enroll in a debt settlement program, an experienced company strategically negotiates with creditors on your behalf, providing you with maximum savings. To learn more, contact Accredited Debt Relief today for a free consultation.

Yes! In addition to paying less than what you originally owed, debt settlement can provide you with a simplified, lower monthly payment. Debt settlement programs can also help you overcome your debt faster — many of Accredited Debt Relief's clients complete their programs in as little as 12-48 months.

The amount you save can vary and will depend on which debt settlement company you work with. The average amount of debt Accredited Debt Relief's clients pay on their enrolled balance is 55%. This number excludes Accredited Debt Relief's fees.

Proven Results From Real Clients

Carl F.

Enrolled Debt: $43,922

Final Debt: $21,403

Savings: $22,879*

Enrolled: 2/10/2020

Graduated: 8/31/2021

Kelli M.

Enrolled Debt: $21,974

Final Debt: $12,797

Savings: $9,176*

Enrolled: 3/22/2020

Graduated: 10/21/2021

Ashley S.

Enrolled Debt: $24,954

Final Debt: $10,634

Savings: $14,320*

Enrolled: 1/1/2020

Graduated: 10/28/2021

* These examples do not include program fees. This is small sample of debt settlements our negotiation team has achieved for our clients. These settlements were obtained for clients who successfully met all of their program terms and received settlement offers. Results may vary, and there are no guarantees that all creditors will agree to settle. These examples are not representative of results in all cases.

Accredited Debt Relief: The Best Way to Pay Off Debt

Accredited Debt Relief has helped customers across the country consolidate and resolve their debts. With an A+ BBB rating, we offer customized financial solutions that can help you pay off your debt obligations quicker. Our experienced team can help lower your monthly payments and reduce what you owe overall. To learn more and receive a free, no obligation consultation, contact us today.

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