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Keep Summertime Spending Under Control in 2020

Summer is one of America’s favorite seasons for spending. It’s a time to take vacations, tackle big home improvement projects and spend money on events like weddings, concerts, parties and family reunions.  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer looks very different than what we are used to. This year, Americans will be taking […]

What Is APR and Why Does It Matter?

If you’ve explored your credit card options or looked into a mortgage or car loan, you’ve likely come across the term APR. This number can be a quick way to compare borrowing costs, but understanding what goes into the calculation and what this percentage truly means can be tricky.

Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

“I never thought I’d consider bankruptcy” Does this sound familiar? As you research the impact of bankruptcy you may be questioning what will happen with your financial future if you move forward. It can be difficult to find resources that describe the aftermath because every bankruptcy experience is unique. While we feel comfortable going to […]

10 Ways To Build Credit With No Credit History

Trying to get credit when you have no credit history is a catch-22. Lenders rely on credit reports to assess their risk and many aren’t willing to lend to borrowers without enough history to generate a score. We usually assume that this problem only affects young borrowers, so you might be surprised to know that […]

What Is Credit Repair And Why Do You Need It?

You found your dream apartment in the perfect neighborhood, and the price is right. You pay the $50 application fee, but to your surprise and disappointment, the landlord denies your application after pulling your credit score. Not only are you out $50 for the fee, but you’ve added an inquiry to your credit report. 

6 Tips To Save For An Emergency Fund

Updated April 12, 2023 When you hear the phrase “in case of emergency,” what comes to mind? Many individuals think of safety drills, stored nonperishables, first aid kits and calling 911. Having an emergency fund might not be on your “in case of emergency” list, but it should be one of your biggest financial priorities.

You’ve Become Debt Free…Now What? Financial Moves That Make Sense

When you’re focused on getting out of debt, most folks get caught up in the process and don’t think beyond achieving that goal.  If this happened to you – don’t worry!  It’s happened to almost everyone who’s successfully eliminated large credit card debts.  But the fact is, if you are consistent and committed to paying […]