Quiz Should I DIY My Taxes

Quiz: Should You DIY Your Taxes?

Most people dread tax season because filling out tax forms is a hassle. Also, if you make a mistake on your taxes, there are serious consequences. The only thing worse than doing taxes is having your taxes audited for errors. But as scary as taxes may seem, for most people, they are relatively straightforward. Take our quiz to see if you should DIY your taxes! 

Suppose you are a single filer with no dependents, no qualifying life changes, have a W2, and plan to take the standard deduction. In that case, you can probably DIY your taxes in a few minutes using free online tax prep software. On the other hand, if you are filing jointly, are a freelancer, own a small business, have dependents, or plan to itemize your deductions, you’ll need to pay for premium features and might want to consider working with a professional. 

Take our three-minute quiz to see if you should DIY your taxes! 

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*Please Note: This quiz does not substitute professional advice from a professional tax preparer. We aren’t qualified to make final decisions about your taxes. Only you can do that. We have, however, done extensive research about tax preparation. The results of this are a guidepost that can help consider your tax preparation options based on specific criteria.

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