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I Need a Job — Should I Work With a Recruiter?

Job hunting can be a tiring and complicated process. This is especially true if you’re a recent graduate who’s new to the workforce, if you work in a specialized field or if the job market is especially volatile. Some job-seekers choose to work with recruiters, which can come with upsides and downsides. Should you work […]

5 Job Posting Red Flags to Watch Out For

After an uncertain 2020, jobs numbers are looking up again. With increasing employment rates and U.S. companies offering better wages and benefits, now is a great time for job seekers to hunt for their next career.  However, this employment rush has also opened the door for more suspicious listings and less-than-ideal job postings. Do you […]

Visual Resumes: Do’s and Don’ts With 12 Examples

Did you know that your resume has 7.4 seconds to make an impression? Hiring managers and recruiters evaluate hundreds of resumes every day. To stand out from the competition, visual resumes have become a popular trend but do they live up to the hype? We explore some do’s and don’ts for creating your own visual […]

How to Create a Portfolio Website on a Budget

Whether you are self-employed or looking for your next career move at a company, a well-made online portfolio is a must. A well-executed portfolio website will increase your visibility and grow your personal brand. This blog covers everything you need to know to create a portfolio website on a budget. Building a website is more accessible […]

8 Unusual Employee Benefits in 2021

Employee benefits like 401k matches, health insurance, paid time off, and annual bonuses are considered normal in corporate America. However, these boilerplate perks are no longer enough to attract and retain the best talent. Companies that want to stand out have to get creative. Unusual employee benefits are one way employers can beat out their […]

How To Ask for a Raise

Updated March 27, 2023 How much control do you have over your salary? More than you might think. A recent PayScale Inc. survey found that 70% of workers who ask for a raise get some sort of increase. Among those who asked for a raise, 39% got the amount they requested, while 31% received a […]

Side Work and Freelancing: Ideas for Your Next Hustle

If you’ve been searching for ideas on how to make additional cash through a side hustle, you’ve likely noticed that there are hundreds of ideas to choose from! Unfortunately, some freelancing and side work ideas aren’t incredibly lucrative, take more time than they’re worth, or are outright scams. 

Side Work and Freelancing: Advice From Side Hustlers

The idea of taking on a side job or freelancing isn’t anything new. “Side hustles” have gained increased popularity in recent years, and the current health crisis has put second jobs and gig work in high demand.  Kelly Strain, Content Marketing Manager at GigSmart, explained how COVID-19 has impacted those looking for work on the […]

12 Virtual Classroom Tips for Teachers, Students and Parents

For the foreseeable future, schools all across the United States have embraced distance learning to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As teachers, students and their parents work to navigate this unfamiliar terrain, ideas have emerged to help improve the virtual classroom experience. We asked people on the frontlines of the digital learning environment to […]

Acing Your In-Person, Phone and Video Interviews

Congratulations – you’ve impressed the hiring manager with your polished resume and thoughtful cover letter, and you’ve scheduled your interview! While that’s an accomplishment worth celebrating in itself, the actual interview process can be intimidating and stressful for interviewees. Additionally, the COVID-19 health crisis has added new layers of complication to the hiring process for […]